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Aire B
Beck Bottom
Belle Vue Wakefield
Bottom Boat
Brandy Carr
Calder Grove
Calder Wakefield
Carleton Wakefield
Carr Gate
Cold Hiendley
Coxley Wakefield
Crofton Wakefield
East Hardwick
East Moor
Featherstone Wakefield
Gawthorpe Wakefield
Glass Houghton
Great Cliff
Grove Town
Hall Green Wakefield
Healey Wakefield
Heath Common Wakefield
Hemsworth Wakefield
Hessle Wakefield
High Ackworth
Horbury Bridge
Horbury Junction
Kettlethorpe A
Lee Moor Wakefield
Lodge Hill Wakefield
Lofthouse Gate
Lofthouse Wakefield
Loscoe Wakefield
Low Ackworth
Lower Altofts
Methley Junction
Methley Lanes
Midgley Wakefield
Milnthorpe Wakefield
Monkhill Wakefield
Netherton Wakefield
New Crofton
New Sharlston
Newstead Wakefield
Newton Hill
New Town Wakefield
Normanton Wakefield
North Elmsall
North Featherstone
Notton Wakefield
Old Snydale
Osset Spa
Ossett Street Side
Outwood Wakefield
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Overtown Wakefield
Portobello Wakefield
Purston Jaglin
Red Hill Wakefield
Royd Moor Wakefield
Sandal Magna
Scholey Hill
Sharlston Common
Shepherd Hill
Snow Hill Wakefield
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Thorpe Audlin
Upton Wakefield
Walton Wakefield
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West Hardwick
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Wintersett Reservoir
Woodhouse Wakefield
Woolley Wakefield
Wragby Wakefield


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Below is a directory about scaffolding Wakefield. Please view the following companies to find a suitable scaffolding company in Wakefield region.

Preferred Supplier
TONE Scaffolding
[ Scaffolding ]
Airports, emergency call outs, London underground, security sensitive, noise containment, power transmission lines, rail, utilities, substations, demolition, refurbishment, temporary roofs, new build, confined space. Whatever the nature of your job, it is important to TONE. Our practical, no nonsense solutions, and reputation for being able to manage the unexpected, has proved to be a winning combination over and over again. So if you are looking for a British scaffolding partner to work with you, you need look no further than TONE Scaffolding.
Preferred Supplier
Sussex Scaffolding Ltd
[ Scaffolding ]
Sussex Scaffolding Ltd offers a first class service with a reputation built on customer relationships and repeated business. All scaffolding is erected safely, securely and efficiently, and we always look to provide the most cost effective solutions at the customer’s request. All our materials conform to the highest safety standards and are regularly inspected and maintained.
[ Scaffolding ]
Scaffolding Supplies Limited provide a professional service, supplying and delivering all the materials required to scaffold any project, from DIY to self build and trade contracts. Stockists of Tube Clamps / Key Klamp Handrail Systems, Safety Products, Aluminium and Galvanised Scaffold Tube, Scaffold Boards etc. With over 25 years in the construction industry supplying scaffolding and access related equipment, we pride ourselves on our ability to locate any scaffold or access related item. We supply Kwikstage, Scaflok, Cuplok / Cuplock we also carry large stocks of most items and our full range can be found on our website, but if in doubt, please just give us a call.
0800 5420 650
Preferred Supplier
Scaffold Tower Sales
[ Scaffolding ]
We are manufacturing Members of Pasma, Manufacturing members are those companies who are licensed to manufacture Mobile Access Towers to BS EN 1004 : 2004, and which carry the current British Standard Kitemark or other equivalent mark of approval (e.g. TUV, NF Mark, etc.). Hirers, dealers and training members have, as a requirement of their membership, to use mainly Mobile Access Towers which carry the current British Standard Kitemark or equivalent mark of approval.
Preferred Supplier
George Roberts (NW) Ltd
[ Scaffolding ]
Our sales team is a highly motivated group of professional’s with many years experience in the scaffolding and construction industry, obtained through a number of the leading international suppliers of scaffold and access equipment. George Roberts has over the last few years invested heavily into the business facilitating growth through expansion and business change.
Preferred Supplier
ASA Scaffolding
[ Scaffolding ]
We have quickly established ourselves as one of the finest scaffolding companies operating in the UK today, serving both domestic and commercial clients throughout London and the South East. We're proud to have built a company with an unrivalled reputation of safety, quality and outstanding value for money and invite you to take a look around and find out how ASA can provide scaffolding solutions for you.

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